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Employee communication can make or break your digital transformation – Here’s how to do it right


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  • Tim Vaughan
    Tim Vaughan

    Head of Content, Poppulo


  • Richard Gera
    Richard Gera

    Digital Communications Consultant

There’s much talk about how the world is becoming increasingly digitized, but what is digitization? What does it mean to undergo a digital transformation in business?

Digitization is about more than new technology. It’s about how your business can build better processes that are assisted by technology.

To become a more digital organization, in a rapidly changing workplace environment, you certainly need to have good technology, but you also need to consider your processes, your people, and your culture – and look for opportunities big and small to rewire your business to deliver a better performance.

That’s why employee communication is so important. Listening to your employees, communicating with them, and using the right tools to do so can make a huge difference as you become a digitized organization.

In this guide, digital communications expert Richard Gera walks you through:

  • Why digitization matters to leaders and how they communicate
  • Establishing an employee-first mindset about internal communications
  • His top 3 takeaways for internal communications professionals