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Employee Engagement measurement – Improve content and increase cross team collaboration



  • Chris Tubb
    Chris Tubb

    Digital Workplace and Intranet Consultant


  • Tim Vaughan
    Tim Vaughan

    Head of Content, Poppulo

Without measurement, how do we know if our intranet content is working?

In this guide intranet expert Chris Tubb outlines the most effective and easiest ways to measure five of the most important areas of your intranet.

Plus, how to use employee engagement measurement and insight to increase adoption of your intranet and encourage collaboration across your organization.

Key takeaways:

  • Increasing the value of your content
  • Improving the search function
  • Building a people directory that drives engagement
  • Tracking collaboration across the organization
  • Using feedback to improve the employee experience

What is your intranet trying to achieve?

You need to know what you are trying to achieve with your intranet to be able to measure employee engagement. The metrics you select should provide meaningful and actionable insight.

Go through these questions with your team:

  • What data do you have access to right now? Do you understand where the data has come from and its limitations?
  • Who is responsible for intranet analytics? Do they know your needs and requirements? Do you need your own measurement tool, and what capabilities should it have?
  • How do you need to segment your analytics? By geography? By division? Is this possible?
  • Do you have a communications strategy? What parts of this are measurable using intranet usage data?
  • In response to this data how will your editorial practices change? What content should you publish more of or adapt to make more interactive? What content should you stop publishing?
  • Based on your measurement, how should you coordinate your intranet strategy and content with other channels such as email, social and mobile to achieve your communications objectives?
  • How do you prove the value of your team’s work on the intranet? How best can this be measured and tied to your organization’s strategy and goals, so that you can prove the value of it?

The above is an extract from our best practice guide on Employee Engagement Measurement. Download 7 measurement tips to improve content and increase cross team collaboration now.