Employee engagement measurement simplified


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  • Cindy Crescenzo

    President of Crescenzo Communications, Inc

You can’t succeed – or prove your success – without communication measurement

Using focus groups, surveys and executive interviews to improve your communications and move from ‘order taker’ to ‘strategic counselor’.

Great communication starts with listening – to your audience, your leaders, and your managers. It is also about using insights from channel metrics to see how your audience actually interacts with your messages.

In this practical session, noted communication measurement expert Cindy Crescenzo will show you how to take the mystery out of employee engagement measurement.

Practical advice and key takeaways:

  • How to get a complete view of your communications using focus groups, surveys and executive interviews.
  • What quantitative metrics to measure in order to support the qualitative insights and how to use it to change the the role of communications at the company.
  • How to do “guerilla measurement” on your own—without having to hire a high-priced consultant
  • What to do with your research once you’re finished gathering it… and how to get the most out of it

This webinar was recorded before Newsweaver evolved to Poppulo.