Employee wellbeing during a crisis – What behavioral science can teach us


Watch Icon60 Minutes


  • Lindsay Kohler
    Lindsay Kohler

    Lead Behavioral Scientist, scarlettabbott

  • Jo Hooper
    Jo Hooper

    Founder, Mad and Sad Club


  • Dave O'Connell
    Dave O'Connell

    Growth Marketing Manager, Poppulo

Covid-19 has radically changed the workplace, but the issues that affect employees and their wellbeing remain the same. In this timely webinar, Lindsay Kohler, Lead Behavioral Scientist at scarlettabbott, and Jo Hooper, Mental Health at Work expert, will explore the behavioral and psychological issues people face not only during the current coronavirus crisis, but throughout the entire employee experience lifecycle.


  • Understand the key issues facing your employees and the key indicators to look out for
  • Discover how your employees react psychologically and respond behaviourally to crisis environments
  • Practical examples of how you can apply lessons from behavioral science so employees feel connected and empowered to reach out if they need to
  • Opportunity to receive a dedicated employee mental health action plan.