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Enterprise Social Network: Benefits and advices



  • Tim Vaughan
    Tim Vaughan

    Head of Content, Poppulo

According to Harvard Business Review, organizations with Enterprise Social Networks report only 20-25% of employees are using the platform with any regularity.

If your team is struggling with your ESN, you’ll want to download this guide for practical advice, benefits and tips on how to increase adoption by employees across your organization.

Key takeaways:

  • Why Enterprise Social Networks fail
  • Building in two-way communication opportunities
  • Encouraging ongoing ESN usage
  • Choosing the right metrics to measure engagement
  • How to use metrics and insight to improve your ESN
  • Case study: How Centrica achieved a 95% adoption of Yammer
Enterprise Social Networks sound like a hugely popular internal communication platform. However, anecdotal evidence indicates the disconnect between adoption and perceived usefulness by employees and IC implementing ESN as another engagement box ticked.

Enterprise Social Network benefits for organizations are obvious – faster-paced innovation, increased productivity, revenue growth, and improved employee morale – so why is there a problem with generating long-term company-wide buy-in and what does it stem from?

This best practice guide gives you practical advice on how to get traction and uptake on your ESNs, help leaders successfully participate, and review what to measure.

The case study of Centrica’s adoption of Yammer is also a must read for anyone using or intending to use this platform. Not only did Centrica achieve a 95% adoption rate for Yammer, but they also increased their Net Promoter Score from 5% to 19% and 35%-40% of their employees say they now feel part of the company compared to just 7% before they started using Yammer.

A key part in the successful deployment of Yammer at Centrica was a concerted education drive called ‘30 days of Yammer’ where users were taught how to use the platform, from the very basics right up to becoming a Yammer expert.

The training, in this case, is constantly updated to include any new features or tweaks and is supplemented by short how-to guides focusing on the different features and elements of the ESN.

Ongoing training will make sure your users can make the most of your Enterprise Social Network. And with this knowledge, they will be better equipped to be creative and understand all the different ways they can use the platform.

Download the guide now to find out more.