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Financial services leaders can accomplish a lot more through enhanced communication



  • David Grossman
    David Grossman

    Founder and CEO of The Grossman Group

The list of issues to impact the financial services sector in the past decade is long – mortgage fraud, insider trading, money laundering, hackers and identity theft, to name a few. It’s issues like these that have companies in a number of industries understandably concerned about how to communicate with employees and consumers, to protect and grow their brand.

Leadership now has a golden opportunity to communicate more effectively with employees, to ensure that organizations are more aligned and informed. In this best practice guide, Leadership Consultant David Grossman shares his thoughts on what leaders must do to communicate internally in a more effective manner.

Key takeaways:

  • A Missed Opportunity to Communicate Better in Financial Services
  • The Case for Elevating Strategic Leadership Communication
  • Financial Services Employees Feeling Disengaged
  • Top 7 Steps IC Professionals Can Take for More Strategic Communication