Send personalized messages to your audience – without adding extra work!


Watch Icon60 Minutes


  • Ann Melinger
    Ann Melinger

    CEO, Brilliant Ink

  • Jackie Berg
    Jackie Berg

    Director of Research, Brilliant Ink

The most effective communications efforts are AUDIENCE-BASED and METRICS-DRIVEN. But even with the most advanced tools and data at your fingertips, it’s not always easy to translate employee data into communications that will resonate and inspire action.

In this step-by-step Best Practice Session, guest hosts Ann Melinger and Jackie Berg of Brilliant Ink will walk through specific and actionable steps you can take to glean insights from your data, and use those insights to build employee personas to ensure your communications have the greatest impact.


  • Techniques for learning more about your employee audiences vs. operating off assumptions
  • How to use personas to help you better understand your audiences and ensure your communications speak to them
  • Real-world examples demonstrating how personas can improve your communications approach and metrics
  • Strategies for using available tools, data and insights to make your job EASIER, not more complicated