Having a SurveyMonkey account does not automatically result in meaningful survey research. In this webinar, participants will learn best-practice techniques for developing actionable survey questions, conducting surveys, and reporting findings in ways that are meaningful to management. In addition, participants will analyze bad survey questions and report pages from other communicators’ efforts to identify the pitfalls to avoid in doing their own research. This webinar will provide you with straightforward, practical ways to get the most out of the research you conduct, with the least amount of time and money needed to benefit from the findings.

In this session, participants will learn:

  • Best-practice techniques for developing actionable survey questions.
  • How to determine the number of people to invite to take a survey and how to administer it.
  • How to report research findings in ways that are meaningful to management.
  • What not to do by analyzing other communicators’ efforts, to identify the mistakes to avoid when conducting their own research.

  • Angela Sinickas
    Angela Sinickas

    Angela Sinickas, ABC, is CEO of Sinickas Communications, Inc., an international management consultancy focusing on communication effectiveness research and strategy. She has been measuring the effectiveness of communication since 1981.

    Her prolific publications (including a free e-newsletter at http://conta.cc/xi2U3Q), and speaking engagements in 32 countries, have made her name synonymous with measuring the business impact of organizational communication. She is the author of the manual How to Measure Your Communication Programs, and has been a regular columnist for the magazine Strategic Communication Management and on the editorial boards of two professional journals.

    Angela’s work has been recognized with 21 Gold Quill awards from IABC, six of them for measurement, two of them for her web site, www.sinicom.com, and one for her Measurement Works newsletter. She was named a Fellow of IABC in 2008.

    Specialties: Measuring the impact of internal and external communication on business results