Global Internal Communications Statistics, Benchmarks and Trends


Poppulo, in conjunction with Ragan Communications, recently surveyed over 700 communicators from organizations of all sizes and industries across the globe to find out the current internal communications statistics, benchmarks and trends in the industry.

The results will interest any IC professional who wants to benchmark their current role and challenges against those of their peers.

Covered in the report:

  • Profiles – Industries, sectors, and organization size.
  • Challenges – IC’s biggest challenges, including moving from reactive, ad hoc comms to strategic long-term planning.
  • Roles – How IC’s role is changing, who they’re reporting to – and the shift from order taker to Trusted Adviser.
  • Time and Priorities – Where IC uses their time, how they’re prioritizing communications.
  • Budgets, Tools and Resources – Annual budgets, access to internal resources – and the tools and technology being used.
  • Comms Channels – Most and least effective channels, and the channels suffering from lack of budget.
  • Measurement – Ability to measure, barriers to measurement, and what individual channel and cross-channel analytics are being used.

The Poppulo Global IC Survey explores what is really happening in the world of internal communications. The findings give plenty food for thought, particularly at a time when IC strives for increased C-suite influence. While business leaders increasingly see IC as a trusted adviser, they are still not sure about its precise role and the real value it adds. In this respect, the ability to measure is critical, yet our survey shows that for many in IC measurement continues to be a challenge, and there have not been any real improvements since our last survey in 2014.
In some respects this mirrors the historic experience of the HR function, which for many years struggled to find meaningful measures, but now reports on, for example, time to hire, job offer acceptance rates, employee turnover and HR employees per 1,000 employees etc.
Similarly, IC needs to be able to link communications to engagement and strategy. It needs to prove which messages are really motivating and moving different audiences, and when it does this effectively it dispels any uncertainty about its role or value. It’s an exciting time to be in IC as the tools available to you constantly improve and your strategic capability increases.

The above is an extract from the Poppulo Global IC Report. Download the full version now to access this fantastic insights into the internal communications industry.