How a global corporation engages hard-to-reach employees through social media


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  • Kyle Gillis
    Kyle Gillis

    Corporate Communications and Social Media Specialist, Magna International

Reaching a dispersed workforce. Magna International, a Canada-based global automotive parts supplier, was struggling to connect and engage with offline, frontline, and non-desk employees across their 400 locations.

Our webinar guest, Kyle Gillis will share how the Magna comms teams successfully connected and engaged a diverse employee audience through social media. From creation to execution – see how Magna got stakeholder buy-in, the campaign Magna used to launch their social media strategy, and how Magna’s strategy has evolved from simply sharing employee event stories to creating employee-focussed campaigns.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why and how Magna, as part of the strategy, branded and aligned messaging across their top channels: email, intranet, video and digital signage
  • How internal and external communication strategies can be aligned and used to increase employee engagement
  • How Magna inspires employees to follow social media pages, and even post company event photos
  • The role engagement metrics across the channels plays in proving success to the organization