How effective communication in financial industries fixes fragmentation and demonstrates value



  • Kevin Ivers
    Kevin Ivers

    Inside Sales Executive, Poppulo

Here are two seemingly contradictory truths: Internal communications are vitally important to every organization. Internal communications are not as valued as they could or
should be in many organizations.

That’s particularly true in the financial industry, where various roadblocks including old ways of thinking, a stringent regulatory environment and executives misunderstanding or not appreciating the benefits of internal communications can make meeting business goals through communication more difficult.

However, the reality is that internal communications are just as important – if not more so – within financial organizations. The financial industry is in a period of rapidly adapting to new, never-before encountered customer expectations and demands, which require a focused, well-informed workforce to meet. In this Whitepaper:

  • Why Internal Communications are more crucial than ever
  • Internal Communicators must demonstrate their value
  • What’s different for financial institutions
  • Fixing fragmented communications