How employee communication drives business outcomes


Person IconEmployee Comms, C-Suite Level


  • Zora Artis GAICD SCMP
    Zora Artis GAICD SCMP

    CEO, Artis Advisory


  • Tim Vaughan
    Tim Vaughan

    Head of Content, Poppulo

This Poppulo resource looks at how some of the best organizations bring their people with them on their change journey to achieve business outcomes –  at a time when constant change is everyday business.

C-suite advisor and communications leader Zora Artis explores real-life examples of the role employee communications plays in:

  • Strategic alignment – Aurecon
  • Employee engagement – Bayer
  • Employee experience – Adobe
  • Going beyond shareholder value – BHP and Deloitte

At Poppulo we believe that now more than ever, companies and their leaders must cut through the day-to-day noise across their organizations, to drive change and strategic growth initiatives forward. Transformation requires a workforce that understands and embraces change.

It means that your people must be engaged, aligned, and have a positive experience and connection to the workplace, and understand the role of the work they do. 

This is where employee communication is front and center, and this paper looks at organizations that know this and get the results they want.