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How to Create Equitable Company Events in a Hybrid World

How to Create Equitable Company Events in a Hybrid World

Lessons from LinkedIn

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Like the post-pandemic workplace, the future of company events is hybrid.

But creating and hosting hybrid events is new and unchartered territory for many, and it presents unique challenges, particularly around ensuring employees are treated equitably; that those dialing in are as much top of mind as those attending in-person.

This issue of equity for all employees has been at the forefront of LinkedIn’s thinking as it navigated the return to company events in a very changed world since the pandemic.

In this FWI | Poppulo Executive Brief, Aoife Kearns, LinkedIn’s Senior Communications Director, International Markets (EMEA, LATAM & APAC) reveals what LinkedIn has found works best to create successful hybrid events that are equitable and inclusive for everybody.

Key takeaways include:

  • The factors that determine how to choose what type of event to hold
  • How to create a balance between remote and in-person work situations in a hybrid set-up
  • The pitfalls to avoid in hybrid events
  • The Dos and Don’ts for a balanced event
  • Hacks for a successful hybrid event


Aoife Kearns

Aoife Kearns

Director of International Communication (EMEA, LATAM & APAC)