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How to help line managers become better communicators

How to help line managers become better communicators

About this Guide

Line managers play a crucial role in articulating company communications and providing feedback to senior management. As the workplace changes radically – driven by a range of inter-linking factors such as technological advancements, talent shortages, remote working, and sky-high urban property prices – the role of the line manager in this context is going to become even more critical.

Yet, rightly or wrongly, they are consistently seen as being poor communicators. Year after year, poor line manager communication skills occupies the unenviable No 1 slot in the Gatehouse State of The Sector list of barriers to successful internal communications, followed by 'not fit for purpose technology'. While the latter can be sorted by adopting technology such as Poppulo, what can be done to improve the comms skills of line managers?

Here at Poppulo, we asked ourselves if there was anything we could do to help so we asked communications expert Olga Klimanovich to author this special guide to help line managers become better communicators. It includes some wonderful insight from several IC professionals and covers:

  • Capability building
  • Capacity building
  • Cascade management
  • Leadership support
  • Process support
  • Data to the rescue


Tim Vaughan

Tim Vaughan

Head of Content at Poppulo