Employees want to hear from their organizations, and this is where email employee newsletters can be one of your most valuable engagement tools. Employee Newsletter open rates are crucial to measuring their success.

If you are interested in increasing the effectiveness of your employee newsletter content you’ll want to download our guide. We’ve provided best practice insight and tips that you can implement immediately.

Key takeaways

  • What employees want to receive
  • Where to source content
  • How to stand out in the inbox
  • How to ensure your employee newsletter open rates are high
  • How to reach and engage your remote workers
  • What to measure
  • How to use that measurement to increase engagement
Over 60% of organizations regularly send employee newsletters. However we know from talking to internal communicators, most organization’s employee newsletter is a wasteland of copy-and-past content, and just ignored by employees.

The fact is employees want to hear from their organizations; and this is where email newsletters can be one of your most valuable employee engagement tools. Just ask Poppulo’s Email customers, many of whom have standard open rates of over 85% – 95% open rates, and measurable engagement with the content.

We’re going to share the secrets of their success here. You’ll find practical tips including what makes great content, where to source it, how to present it in your newsletters – and what to measure so that you can improve with each send.

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