How to measure success in business as a srategic advisor


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  • Jim Shaffer
    Jim Shaffer

    CEO, Jim Shaffer Group

Using client stories, this interactive presentation offers a step-by-step approach to becoming a strategic advisor who helps drive measurable business results and value by connecting the communication strategy to the business strategy.

Practical advice and key takeaways:

  • It will teach people how to ask the right questions, identify the right business measures and develop and execute plans that create real ROI
  • Participants will learn the fundamentals of consulting and ways to lift their role from producing activities to generating business results
  • They will learn how to tightly connect the communication strategy to the business strategy to drive results that matter
  • They will understand that value is only added when the results they create are larger than the cost of generating the gain

This webinar was recorded before Newsweaver evolved to Poppulo.