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How to reach all your employees: 3 steps to using a multi-channel strategy



  • Tim Vaughan
    Tim Vaughan

    Head of Content, Poppulo

Reaching a diverse workforce is a challenge.

Depending on just one channel to deliver your messaging will not work. It is essential in today’s workplace to use all channels available to you.

In this guide we provide best practice guidance in implementing a multi-channel strategy that will result in increased engagement, awareness and reach to all employees.

Key takeaways

  • How to conduct a channel audit
  • How to choose channel metrics
  • Understanding how to use each channel effectively
  • Gaining access to cross-channel analytics
  • Using insight and measurement to improve engagement and reach

Understanding channel strengths will help you improve how you use them – and how you craft the messaging you are sending.

Popular digital channels:


Strengths: Centralized information storage, offering a consistent message to a broad internal audience. It is often enhanced by social capabilities to attract engagement between employees across the organization.

Use to your advantage: Social features allow for collaboration and discussion around initiatives and other time-sensitive communications. Use intranets to store multimedia elements, such as photos or videos. Generate deep links to include in the communications you send through other channels, such as email, to drive your staff to further reading.

Tips for optimum engagement: Keep it up-to-date include the latest news or essential further reading and support materials. Encourage conversation around the content. Your employees will only use an intranet if it is easy-to-use, and easy to navigate. Plus, it should be mobile-enabled so it’s available for remote workers to use it on their mobile devices. Build a community of contributors to populate the intranet with regional updates and posts for different functions within your organization.

Enterprise Social Networks

Strengths: An Enterprise Social Network (ESN) can improve productivity, collaboration and the flow of information and knowledge within the organization. It increases engagement because it enables employees to share their knowledge, find localized information, work with colleagues – all without the barrier of where they sit in the organization.

Use to your advantage: Don’t think of ESN as a technology; think of it as a business solution. Success formula: Encourage sharing + Capture knowledge + Enable action = Empowered more productive employees.

Tips for optimum engagement: Have a plan to drive the success of this new collaboration tool and to integrate it into your multi-channel strategy. This should include: a usage policy, a clear purpose as to why employees should use it, a strategy for driving adoption and publishing updates, and the ability to get metrics to measure engagement. A tip is to identify super users throughout the organization to become ambassadors and help stragglers.

To find out more about popular digital channels such as video and email, and to read the valuable information contained in this best practice guide, download 3 steps to using a multi-channel strategy now.