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How to Reach All Your Employees with the Content They Need

How to Reach All Your Employees with the Content They Need

About this Guide

Where work gets done has changed significantly. As companies shift away from mandatory full-time in-office work and adopt hybrid models, one key challenge becomes clear: Communicating with a large, dispersed workforce is integral for the success of any business. Except now, that’s never been more difficult to do. To keep up with the constant changes to the nature of work, communications strategies must change too.

A lack of communication—or a lack of effective communication—not only leads to misunderstandings but is also the foundation of an unengaged workforce. And nobody wants that. It’s critical for business leaders to reach and engage every worker, regardless of whether they work from a desk in the office, their kitchen table, the factory floor, or anywhere in between.

In the past, companies have relied on multiple teams working out of disconnected platforms to reach their employees, but this rarely ever worked. There was nothing but dissonance—just disharmony, every
day. On top of inconsistent messaging, wasted time spent managing multiple pieces of software, and a lack of data to measure the efficacy of content, most corporate communications weren’t personalized.

Each of these challenges poses a significant problem for internal communicators today. The key to overcoming these communications challenges and being able to effectively reach a large, hybrid workforce lies in adopting an omnichannel approach to employee communications.

In this guide, we take you through:

  1. How omnichannel communications work
  2. Cutting down communication noise through targeted, relevant content
  3. Driving action with data


Tim Vaughan

Tim Vaughan

Editorial Director, Poppulo

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