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How to Reconnect Your People with Your Company’s Purpose

How to Reconnect Your People with Your Company’s Purpose

About this Webinar

According to Gallagher's 2021 State of the Sector report,* engaging employees around their organization’s purpose, strategy, and values is the number one priority for HR and communication professionals this year. Given the stress that employees are feeling from the pandemic-accelerated changes in the workplace, that’s not a surprise. But what are the best practices for doing this successfully?

To find out, hear from Chris Lee, VP of Employee Communications at Gallagher, on September 16th at 11am GMT for a not-so-typical webinar that will be guided by your real-time feedback.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How IC and HR teams can use communications to reinforce employees' sense of purpose and trust - and why that matters
  • Best practices for a channel strategy to engage your employees in the new world of work.
  • How purpose-driven organization leverage communication and technology to optimize employee engagement
  • How Poppulo’s omni-channel employee communications platform can help connect employees to purpose

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*All webinar participants will receive a free copy of the 2021 State of the Sector report.

Event details

September 16, 2021

11am GMT


Chris Lee

Chris Lee

VP of Employee Communications