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How to use a multichannel strategy to communicate effectively with healthcare staff



  • Tim Vaughan
    Tim Vaughan

    Head of Content, Poppulo

With a large number of non-desk based and vertical employees, staff in healthcare organizations can be some of the most challenging to reach and engage with. Depending on just one channel to communicate to staff will not work

Adopting a multichannel approach to your internal communications will enable you to engage with your entire workforce.

In this how to guide you will learn how to join the dots between strategy, behaviors and technology, to improve the flow and quality of communication and collaboration.

Key takeaways from this guide:

  • How to develop a communications strategy for all your channels
  • How to use a channel audit to find out the best channel to use for each audience type
  • The strengths and weaknesses of each digital channel and when to use them to communicate with employees
  • How to use your email to drive the awareness and adoption of your other channels
  • The role of insight and measurement in your success