COVID-19 has us on information overload.

Employees are struggling to absorb your important communications while they juggle evolving pandemic info, new work patterns and shifting family obligations. But there are solutions! In this webinar, HR and IC experts will share strategies to reduce the noise for employees while keeping them informed, engaged and productive.

Attendee takeaways

  • How to create an effective balance between COVID-19 news and other important information
  • How to be proactive in the face of changing information
  • What are the key issues that leaders are facing today, and how are they communicating differently to employees as a result?
  • What content is emerging as most important to inform, engage and gain continued commitment from employees?

Precillia Redmond, Founder and Principal of Maeve Consulting

Laura McLaughlin, Chief People Officer for Legacy Global Sports
Roxanne E. Martinez,Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, DentaQuest


  • Precillia Redmond
    Precillia Redmond

    Precillia Redmond is the Founder and Principal of Maeve Consulting, LLC – a consulting organization focused on delivering targeted people and culture solutions to non-profit organizations, start-up and early stage companies, as well as established enterprises.

  • Laura McLaughlin
    Laura McLaughlin

    Laura McLaughlin is Chief People Officer for Legacy Global Sports, a premier youth sports event and management company with employees across the U.S. and Europe. Laura designs, builds and directs the company’s human resources strategies, programs, practices and policies. Prior to joining Legacy Global Sports, Laura spent over ten years at Liberty Mutual Insurance.

  • Roxanne E. Martinez
    Roxanne E. Martinez

    Roxanne serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at DentaQuest. She is an experienced global HR executive who drives business and talent transformations and leads organizations on building and implementing innovative talent solutions. Prior to joining DentaQuest, Roxanne worked at Liberty Mutual’s Global Retail Markets business, State Street, EMD Serono and Allaire/Macromedia.