IC’s role in Corporate Communications today: Meeting the challenge of tumultuous times


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  • About Katie Marlow
    About Katie Marlow

    Award-winning communication specialist

Our guest Katie Marlow, is the author of Poppulo’s latest whitepaper The Changing Role of Internal Communications in Corporate Communications.

Katie focusses on three areas you can quickly make the most impact:

  1. How to Increase your business acumen – Why you need to have it – and tips to help you gain the knowledge and insight that lead to becoming a trusted advisor
  2. Understanding and Engaging stakeholders – How to be the conscience of your organization and the person the CEO consults with to understand how to communicate with a diverse workforce
  3. Measuring Outcomes – Shift from delivering outputs to outcomes, gather real insight for your campaigns, it’s a constant theme, and that’s because it underpins everything we do and helps us to manage a mushrooming system of communication, competing priorities, demonstrate value and retain or boost budgets