Internal Communications Plan: CDK Global


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  • Sian Cargan
    Sian Cargan

    International Internal Communication Director, CDK Global

Setting up an internal communications plan is the easy bit, but how do you make sure that it’s implemented effectively. In this webinar, Sian Cargan (International Internal Communications Director) shows you a live example of how CDK Global successfully built an award winning internal communications plan around their employee engagement survey.

Setting up a successful internal communications plan:

  • How Sian and her colleagues managed campaign planning, including the establishment of campaign goals and success criteria
  • The importance of employing a multi-channel approach for campaign execution
  • How CDK Global managed to achieve above-average survey completion across their diverse workforce
  • How measurement has played a key role in proving IC campaign success
  • The role of Poppulo in enhancing employee communications at CDK Global