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Intranet benchmarking: Measure, improve and prove value



  • Chris Tubb
    Chris Tubb

    Digital Workplace and Intranet Consultant


  • Tim Vaughan
    Tim Vaughan

    Head of Content, Poppulo

In Poppulo’s recent Inside IC Global Survey over 89% of respondents said they use intranets as a key part of their communication strategy.

However, one in two respondents indicated they are unable to measure engagement because they do not have access to meaningful metrics and intranet benchmarking advice.

In this guide, intranet expert Chris Tubb gives a measurement jumpstart – providing tips and ideas for accessing and using intranet analytics to improve your intranet.

Key takeaways

  • How to get access to analytics data
  • Choosing the right metrics to use
  • Gaining insight into results
  • Making decisions based on your results

Intranet Benchmarking – Why measure?

Rather than relying on just observations and opinions, analytics data gives you and your team the ability to understand results in quantitative terms – and take action to improve your intranet going forward.

Here are typical insights you gain from measuring:

Measure engagement with specific content: You probably made a few promises in that big business case at the start of the project. Did you get there? Was the important announcement by the CEO viewed across the organization? Is your new ESN seeing uptake and collaboration?

Measure to improve communications going forward: The numbers can tell us what happened and we can then work out what to do better in the future. Benchmarking data gives us insight into our testing of new formats, layout, media, content length, etc.

Measure to understand how employees use the intranet: How useful is the organization’s intranet? The numbers can inform how employees are really using the tools and information provided to them.

Benchmark to prove business value: Intranets are a huge investment for companies. Not only does your team need access to metrics to review and build on the success of your intranet, and build a long-term strategy, your team must be able to prove business value to your organization.

The above is an extract from our best practice guide on how to measure and improve your intranet – and prove value. Download now for the full guide on Intranet Benchmarking now.