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“Just do!” IKEA’s gutsy approach to communications

“Just do!” IKEA’s gutsy approach to communications

About this Webinar

What's IKEA's magic formula for keeping its people highly engaged during turbulent times? Find out at our next webinar when Guy Britt (Global Head of Co-Worker Communication) and Daniela Rogosic (CEO Communication Leader) give you an inside scoop on their comms success with 170,000 co-workers across 30+ markets globally.

Tune in to the 30-minute webinar to hear how Daniela and Guy take risks, keep it simple, and just have fun with IKEA’s internal communications. They’ll share:

  • Why they’re “allergic” to corporate spin and how they imbue their comms with authenticity
  • How they crowdsource local ideas for global engagement
  • How their motto “Less planning, more action” works in practice
  • The case for gutsy communications and why you should take risks

Event details

October 7, 2021

11am ET / 4pm GMT

30 mins


Guy Britt

Guy Britt

Global Head of Co-Worker Communication

Daniela Rogosic

Daniela Rogosic

CEO Communication Leader