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Keys to an Effective Post-Pandemic Real Estate Strategy

Keys to an Effective Post-Pandemic Real Estate Strategy

About this Guide

We’re still adjusting to the new way of working coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. And most companies are still finding ways to bring employees back into the physical workplace.

But what this return to the office looks like varies by industry, and even by reason. Some businesses are bringing employees back to alleviate work-from-home fatigue, improve company productivity, or avoid wasting money on unused real estate assets, among many other reasons.

Regardless of the reason for bringing employees back to the office, one thing is clear—the office will look and operate differently when employees return. Flexible, hybrid working arrangements are highly likely to become the norm, replacing the standard in-office five-day work week. And survey data supports this assertion. Yet as more people return to the office, businesses will need to understand how their office spaces are being used—including overall capacity trends, desk space usage, meeting room utilization, and more.

These key data points directly impact commercial real estate (CRE) strategies—but only if they are accurately tracked. And regarding return-to-office planning, those data points are just as important. By putting the power to easily book available desks and meeting rooms directly in the hands of employees, then collecting utilization data, companies can better enable social distancing and contact tracing. During the initial transition back to the office, this kind of information will be invaluable, but over time that data can be leveraged to make CRE decisions.

Read this guide to learn:

  • Key considerations for your return-to-work strategy
  • How the workplace is designed post-COVID
  • Capabilities to look for in CRE solutions today


 Christine Kendall

Christine Kendall

Content Marketing Manager, Poppulo

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