Learn, adapt & transform for the new work reality

Learn, adapt & transform for the new work reality

About this Webinar

Challenged organizations. Wounded workers. Unrelenting disequilibrium. Current employee experiences are “un-normal”. HR and IC professionals must balance organizational viability with employee recovery, productivity, and wellbeing. Learn how engaging actions and authentic inquiry open the portal to robust recovery so that work will sustain both us, and our organization.

Attendee takeaways

During this webinar you will learn 3 pivotal navigational keys for our future at work:

  • Develop engagement scaffolding to build and rebuild organizations and individuals as the ground shifts beneath us.
  • Develop communication approaches to erect and stabilize this scaffolding for organizational success and constructive employee experiences and engagement.
  • Stock your evidence-based engagement toolkit with an introduction to job demand resources model, job crafting, and authentic conversations.

Event details

June 11, 2020

11am ET / 4pm GMT

60 minutes


David Zinger

David Zinger

Educator, speaker, coach, and consultant

James Lawson-Miln

James Lawson-Miln

Head of Internal Communications