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Omnichannel employee communications – The key to workplace engagement

Omnichannel employee communications – The key to workplace engagement

About this Whitepaper

It’s an increasingly problematic workplace communications conundrum: how to engage employees with company messaging when their lives are already swamped with information overload? Happily, there is a way through.

Poppulo research has shown that employees want company information that’s relevant to them and that helps them in their job. It also underlines the need for communicators to adopt a highly focused employee-centric approach to what they do – understanding what’s relevant to different internal audiences and the channel mix needed to reach and engage them.

The route to ensuring employees receive the information they need cannot be achieved through a single communication channel – it demands an integrated multi-channel approach with a depth of employee knowledge to create and deliver relevant content.

In this whitepaper, Joanna Hall outlines why this approach is the ultimate key to effective and engaging internal communications. She analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the various communication channels that are available.

The whitepaper paints a picture of what a great channel mix looks like – and spells out the steps you need to take to achieve this in your organization.


Joanna Hall

Joanna Hall

Founder and Owner


Tim Vaughan

Tim Vaughan

Head of Content at Poppulo