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Poppulo employee communications report 2020

Poppulo employee communications report 2020

About this Whitepaper

Check out how you compare with your employee communication peers in our latest international survey. We've looked at a number of key areas to take the pulse of the sector, such as:

  • Is it becoming easier to show how internal communication affects change in organizations?
  • Are communicators involved early enough in strategic decisions to have an impact on their communications?
  • Budgets: how much have departments available to spend and is this increasing, decreasing, or staying the same?
  • What are the most frequently used channels?
  • How much time do communicators spend on writing and sending content compared with planning and strategy?
  • What's the main barrier to effectively measuring the impact of communications on the business?
  • Do leaders understand the value internal comms adds to the organization and is it difficult to get their support?


The Marketing & Product Team

The Marketing & Product Team