Prove business value, become a strategic advisor. That’s all very well, but how do you do it?


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  • Jim Shaffer
    Jim Shaffer

    CEO, Jim Shaffer Group

A good starting point is hearing how others have achieved what internal communicators must do these days: become strategic advisors, get measurable results and prove business value. And in the process transform their position and perception within their organization.

Following the success of Jim Shaffer’s last Poppulo webinar on “How to measure success in business as a Strategic Advisor” this time he will take us through a fascinating journey of real-life stories to help employee communicators get to where they need to be.

Jim provides insights into real clients in real companies who became valuable strategic advisors, improved on-time delivery and product quality, reduced accidents, increased productivity –  but who originally didn’t know where to begin their journey.

What you will learn during this session:

  • How did they achieve the successes that elevated their careers and fattened their paychecks?
  • How did they get their leaders’ attention? 
  • How did they get access to key meetings with leaders?
  • Why did their leaders see them differently after they created even small successes?
  • How did they get access to the business strategy and other information that helped them make the change?