We write hundreds of words every day – content for campaigns, urgent updates, change management, financial results, newsletters, events, welcome packages – as well as messages for senior leaders. But how often do we step back and take the time to cast a critical eye on our words before hitting ‘send’?

Georgina Bromwich from business language consultancy The Writer, will show how better writing will improve your internal communications – and bump up engagement.

Using examples from businesses that get this right (or not quite), Georgina will share tips, takeaways – and some quick fixes – for your messages.


  • How to write to different internal audiences – from the factory floor to the board room
  • Ways to manage the delicate task of writing on behalf of senior leaders
  • Learn some linguistic tricks to grab and sustain your colleagues’ attention
  • How to make every single word on the page earn its keep

So if people don’t engage with your emails, don’t respond to your latest campaign – or ask you the same questions over and over again, you’ll want to attend this webinar.


  • Georgina Bromwich
    Georgina Bromwich

    Georgina Bromwich heads up training at business language consultancy, The Writer. She helps people at places like Barclays, Cisco and PwC find the writer inside them – and she jets around the world to do it, from Miami to Mumbai.

    Her powers work on even the most hardened corporates, who’ve forgotten how to write without saying things like ‘operational excellence’ or ‘let’s action that’.

    Before she joined The Writer, Georgina spent ten years freelancing in Spain, doing a mix of business writing and travel writing. (You can probably still find pictures of her in the Thomas Cook in-flight magazine).