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Retention: Retain your best people with better employee communications



  • Precillia Redmond
    Precillia Redmond

    Founder & Principal, Maeve Consulting, LLC

Here’s what we know. Companies who communicate more effectively have higher employee engagement rates.  Companies with higher engagement rates experience lower turnover.

According to The Workplace Institute’s 2019 Retention Report:

  • 27% of employees voluntarily left their employment in 2018
  • More than 1/3 of employees quit within their first year
  • 43% of those are gone before day 90

As HR professionals, we understand just how costly employee turnover is, and not just in terms of dollars. Turnover saps morale, impacts our talent brand, and reduces our organization’s ability to achieve goals. When we take into account current economic factors – low unemployment and a shortage of key skills – it’s unsurprising that employees have little tolerance for work environments that do not help them succeed or thrive. This brief guide will set the foundations for you to tackle the retention challenge at your organization. Download it for free today!