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Rethinking Work – How the Best are Approaching Change

Rethinking Work – How the Best are Approaching Change

About this Webinar

In a world that’s more disrupted than ever, the need to adapt and manage change has evolved into a critical requirement for business.

Companies that stand still will be left behind, struggling to retain and attract the talented people needed for success.

This webinar will provide insight and inspiration into how the best companies are rethinking what work is, where it's done, how it's done, and what types of things employees need to get it done.

There are companies out there creating a vibrant and "change-able" culture where their people are thriving through change and doing their best work. A few of those companies are speaking on this webinar.

Join workplace experience and change development leaders from Cisco, Syngenta, and Change Oasis, as they talk through:

  • Key change challenges of the "never normal"
  • The top drivers of effective organizational change
  • How to rethink the employee experience for the future of work
  • The intersection of change and culture
  • Strategies to enable positive change at work
  • The role of communications in reshaping employee experience

Event details

August 30, 2022

11am ET / 4pm GMT

60 mins


Joss Mathieson

Joss Mathieson

Chief Encouragement Officer, Change Oasis; Partner

Ricardo Troiano

Ricardo Troiano

Group Head of Change and Organisational Development

Ray Milora

Ray Milora

Business Operations Director