Returning to the workplace: How to strategically plan, iterate and communicate your key next steps


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  • Precillia Redmond
    Precillia Redmond

    Founder and Principal, Maeve Consulting, LLC

  • Claudeane Frank
    Claudeane Frank

    Global Social Media & Digital Engagement Manager, Tech Data

  • Laura Stewart
    Laura Stewart

    Director, Global Internal Communications & Digital Engagement, Tech Data

While COVID-19 persists, economies are gradually opening up and companies everywhere are working through how best to return additional workers to the workplace. But it’s complex. You must balance economic, logistical, and employee health and safety standards in a constantly changing environment. It is a major change initiative that, like all change initiatives, requires two-way communications and employee engagement. Join us to review a practical framework that will help you strategically design and communicate your plan, including anticipating the unexpected. And learn how global technology distribution company Tech Data is thinking about its own plan that will bring the company to a very different place than it was before the pandemic.

You will learn how to develop a strategic “Return to the Workplace” plan that:

  • Balances economic, logistical and employee health and safety standards
  • Incorporates lessons learned to date: what’s working and what’s not
  • Includes a vision, guiding principles, and criteria for moving forward
  • Engages employees to validate and implement the plan
  • Helps you anticipate the unexpected