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Smart internal communications in healthcare

Smart internal communications in healthcare

About this Whitepaper

Healthcare internal audiences are among the most diverse in the way they receive communications, but executives don’t want excuses. They just want to know the message has been received. Employees are receiving their communications in more ways than ever, from video to email on their handheld devices.

To better reach your employees and improve results, download the free guide created by Poppulo and Ragan on “Smart internal communications in healthcare”. In this guide you will receive:

  • Advice from organizations that include Mayo Clinic, Nebraska Medicine and Piedmont Healthcare
  • Tips on how to reach segmented audiences. Find out which employees prefer in-person communications, along with email and other options
  • Information on how to design for a mobile audience and tailor your messages to different audiences
  • The steps needed to improve the quality of articles—and level of staff engagement—on your intranet
  • Best practice advice on social media: How to deploy it in health care organizations
  • Details of why Mayo Clinic use employee-generated videos, and tips that will improve the videos you shoot


Tim Vaughan

Tim Vaughan

Editorial Director, Poppulo

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