Technology professionals: Want to really impact the business? Communicate like a pro!



  • Neil Lieberman
    Neil Lieberman

    Head of Marketing US, Poppulo

Technology leaders today have enormous opportunities to shape the success of the companies they work for, from delighting customers to growing revenue and contributing to the creation of a healthy workplace.

But to do that successfully, however, requires more than just technical expertise. The best technology leaders have mastered the art of effectively communicating both the vision and the ongoing program implementation activities to employees throughout the organization that is impacted by these changes – and, through them, to partners and customers.

However, effectively communicating during initiatives that involve behavioral change is one where many technology leaders have limited experience. In most project implementation models, communication is often a line item consisting of a few emails and a training session or two.

This whitepaper is designed to help you as a technology professional understand the communication-related causes of change initiative failures and develop strategies to address them. Mastering this will help you more successfully deliver the business benefits of technology to your company and accelerate your own career growth.