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The 7 questions that power workplace engagement

The 7 questions that power workplace engagement

About this Webinar

Asking questions can be a powerful tool for opening up honest two-way communication that leads to increased employee engagement. If the annual employee survey is the only place you ask employees questions, don't expect them to be engaged. In this webinar, our guest David Zinger shows you how to ask the right questions every single day.

Based on his eBook, The 7 Days of Engagement: The Question is the Answer to Engagement, David will guide you through his thought-provoking series of seven questions to ask. They will transform conversations from run-of-the-mill to inspirational and engaging experiences.


  • How asking questions can help resolve any situation
  • Questions you can ask yourself, your co-workers and your senior leaders – anytime, anywhere – and in any meeting
  • How to frame questions in a way that people will answer honestly – and get to the core of improving the workplace for employees
  • The role questions can play in improving the health and wellbeing of your employees


David Zinger

David Zinger

Educator, speaker, coach, and consultant