The Coronavirus – How to prepare your workforce now for what’s ahead


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  • Precillia Redmond
    Precillia Redmond

    Founder and Principal, Maeve Consulting, LLC

  • Jamie Baffa
    Jamie Baffa

    Managing Director, CRA, Inc.

  • Peter Lyon
    Peter Lyon

    Global VP of Customer Success, Poppulo


  • Neil Lieberman
    Neil Lieberman

    Head of Marketing US, Poppulo

The spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has prompted companies globally to act. While advice and speculation abound, it’s hard to tell if your organization is exercising adequate caution while preventing panic. It’s clear that the worst is not over, and employers need to make arrangements for a sustained response. To help our community understand what to do now and how to prepare for the months ahead, Poppulo recruited a panel of experts to share best practices.

What’s covered:

  • Components of a crisis response strategy
  • Appropriate company policies
  • Communicating the “New Normal”
  • What other companies are doing and sample templates you can use