The role of employee communication in the digital workplace



  • Lisa Pantelli
    Lisa Pantelli

    Director at Become Communications

According to the World Economic Forum, 85% percent of organizations are expanding into new technologies such as big data analytics, cloud technology, automation, and Artificial Intelligence.

But what does it mean for employees who will need to be connected more than ever before – with their coworkers, their supervisors, their managers, and leaders – so they feel involved and do their best work? 

And what will CEOs and leaders have to do to deliver the type of employee experience that’s essential to attract and retain the best talent in this rapidly changing work environment? The key is employee communications and the role it will play in the digital workplace. So we’ve created this guide packed with invaluable insights to help you navigate this journey.

The role of employee communication in the digital workplace explores:

  • Defining the digital workplace and current trends
  • The business implications of getting right (and wrong)
  • Approaches to employee communications in a digital workplace
  • Opportunities for internal communicators
  • The need for more inter-organizational connectivity
  • The role of internal communications in this shift
  • The rise in employee activism and changes in employee expectation & needs
  • How to engage key stakeholders