The ultimate guide to HR employee communications strategy


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  • Julie Cookson
    Julie Cookson

    President of Cookson Management Consulting

There’s an immediate need for HR professionals to collaborate directly with their C-suite executives and leaders to create, revise and/or align their employee communications strategy to the organization’s strategic priorities and mission statement.

HR cannot miss this opportunity to add value, build individual visibility, trust and knowledge with their executives. Learning the techniques to educate their leaders on the value of effective employee communications is critical.

This whitepaper shares key considerations, insights and action steps necessary for HR professionals to research, design, present and rollout a well-thought-out, aligned employee communications strategy while building that C-suite partnership!

It also outlines practical steps for HR and executive partners to identify their organization’s identity and unique attributes. It will enable HR to showcase exceptional thought leadership strategies and collaborative techniques while showcasing the HR professional’s individual talents.