Poppulo research has shown that employees do not want information overload; they DO want relevant company information that helps them do their job.

The question is, how do you reach and engage all your employees with company messaging — without adding to information overload?

The answer is Multi-channel communications

Achieving engagement cannot be accomplished through a single communication channel – it absolutely demands an integrated multi-channel employee-centric approach.

Webinar guest Joanna Hall shares how you can harness multi-channel employee communications as an effective and engaging internal communications  strategy.

On Demand Webinar insights

  • Understanding what an effective channel mix looks like
  • The steps to achieving multi-channel communications  
  • Crafting employee-centric messaging that doesn’t add to overload

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  • Joanna Hall
    Joanna Hall

    Joanna Hall is the founder and Director of Afire Consulting. She has a wealth of experience in internal communication, leadership and organizational culture spanning 20 years. She is passionate about making businesses happier and more successful places to be through the power of great communication.

    Through her consultancy, Jo helps her clients create a great place to work by engaging with employees, harnessing their capabilities and ideas, and combining her expertise to design ways of working that make life easier and happier for employees.

    In that quest, she is also an avid supporter of fellow Internal Communication practitioners, helping to build their capabilities and confidence to enhance the standards and reputation of the profession and drive the creation of a happier working world.