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Time for change: A communicator's role in change programs

Time for change: A communicator's role in change programs

About this Webinar

It’s a cliché but they say that the only constant is change. Our organizations today are changing at warp speed. Whether it is due to technological innovation; increased competition; growth that is organic or due to mergers or acquisitions; or reductions due to reorganizations and divestitures; employees are being asked to adapt quickly. The truth is that many change projects fail and leaders are left wondering what went wrong. More often than not, the gap was in communication and engagement. In this webinar we will discuss the role of communications – and communicators – in change programs.

During the session you will learn:

  • The change path and how change needs communication at every stage
  • The importance of team, tools and tone to communicate successfully
  • The questions you must ask in order to deliver the right solution


Priya Bates

Priya Bates

President, Inner Strength Communication Inc.