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Top Tips for social amplification in the digital workplace

Top Tips for social amplification in the digital workplace

About this Guide

Buzzwords, trendy phrases and annoying jargon come and go, and sometimes it's too easy to dismiss what's real and significant as something that will have its 15 minutes of fame before thankfully fading away.

And whatever about annoying jargon, 'social amplification' and the 'digital workplace' certainly qualify as being buzzword phrases that are hard to avoid these days. But, of course, they are much more significant than that, and they're not going to fade away anytime soon. In a highly engaging Poppulo webinar, Digital Workplace - How to turn employees into fans, Jonathan Phillips, cuts through the noise surrounding both subjects with great insight and clarity.

He brings a refreshingly articulate definition as to what the digital workplace actually is, and leaves no doubt whatsoever about the potential that exists for companies to tap into the enormous power of their employees' social media activity through social amplification.

The data he uses to underpin the power of social amplification is powerful and memorable, illustrating the immensity of a company's potential audience reach and impact through their employees' social networks rather than the company's own channels.

As Jonathan says, that is the power of amplification.

We've collated the main points from his webinar into these Top Tips and we hope you find it useful - and if you do, we would be delighted if you gave it some social amplification!

  • Jonathan Phillips is the founder of ClarityDW and a globally-recognized thought leader in Digital Workplace technologies. He is also co-founder of intranetizen.com, advisor to the UK Government and a non-exec charity leader.


Tim Vaughan

Tim Vaughan

Head of Content at Poppulo