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Top tips to increase your impact in internal communications

Top tips to increase your impact in internal communications

About this Guide

We live in a time of tumultuous change, no less so in the workplace, where disruptive technologies, Artificial Intelligence and scientific advances push the boundaries to the outer edges of comprehension.

All of which impacts internal communication professionals. While it's a challenging time for internal communicators everywhere, many of whom face either static or diminishing budgets and at the same time strive to become more strategic players who add provable value, the opportunities and technologies to do just that has never been greater.

These challenges and opportunities were highlighted in Katie Marlow's recent white paper for Poppulo: The Changing Role of Internal Communication in Corporate Communications.

In her follow-up webinar on the same subject, Katie focused on 3 areas to achieve greater impact in your internal communications, which forms the basis of these Top Tips:

  1. Increase your business knowledge
  2. Understand and engage stakeholders
  3. Measure outcomes as well as outputs


Tim Vaughan

Tim Vaughan

Head of Content at Poppulo