If you have grappled with the challenges of successfully communicating and engaging non-desk employees — including not wired, work in shifts and speak different languages — you won’t want to miss this webinar.

When our guest Laura Barbour, Formica European Engagement Manager, joined Formica – 

  • there wasn’t an IC function in place and
  • no formalized channels of engagement. 
  • On top of that, the company was going through a challenging financial time;
  • a broken relationship with unions and
  • engagement scores which were dropping year on year.  

Laura will share how she worked with the new leadership team to improve engagement when over 80% of them are non-desk workers and do not have access to computers or email at work.

Key takeaways

  •         Building an IC function from scratch
  •         Working with HR to create and conduct an engagement audit
  •         Creating a strategy based on that feedback
  •         What tactics were put in place to reach all employees    
  •         And how Formica measured success  

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  • Laura Barbour
    Laura Barbour

    With over 20 years in the Internal Communications field Laura Barbour has worked in an assortment of industries including water, oil, social housing and financial services.  Laura is now European Employee Engagement Manager for Formica Group Europe which has 1,000 employees based across Europe. Moving from eight years in financial services into non-digital manufacturing world was a total culture change for Laura.  Over the past two years she has developed an undying passion for communicating in the operational industry, especially when targeting engagement for non-wired / manufacturing employees.