How to be a better communications coach to your leadership team


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  • Rob Shimmin
    Rob Shimmin

    CEO, Shimmin Communications

Ever seen those ‘lost in translation’ moments in leadership communications?  How did my crisply written, insight-driven messages completely fail to engage when delivered by one leader, yet inspire when delivered by another? Join our guest Rob Shimmin, business communicator and executive coach for practical advice and examples of how best to give your leaders a more credible and impactful voice across all channels.

Some of the areas that are covered:

  • Build trust in you – How to give honest feedback that earns the trust of your leadership team
  • Build trust in them – Better employee engagement by helping leaders speak with one, credible voice
  • What to say – Leverage employee engagement data to ensure your content hits the messaging sweet spot
  • Who says it? Use your CEO where they perform best. Finding and using better communicators, deeper in the organization
  • Where to say it – Building an appropriate mix of channels that play to the communication strengths of your leaders
  • Well said! Numerous examples of the delivery of content that drives desirable action through powerful storytelling