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Where employee engagement fails: Ineffective internal communications

Where employee engagement fails: Ineffective internal communications

About this Whitepaper

This whitepaper explores the ramifications of ineffective communications and how they negatively impact employee engagement.

It identifies points of failure from an operational and employee experience perspective and presents helpful anecdotes and examples to create a shift that your employees will like and your management will adore.

It also examines the benefits of adding a personal touch to internal communications, making messaging more human to enhance engagement throughout the organization.

Ethan McCarty, CEO of the Integral Communications Group, zones his formidable experience in on:

  • Avoiding single points of failure
  • Executive comms and how to lose employees by not really trying
  • Misalignment
  • The consequences of feedback failure
  • Beyond employee recognition: Respecognition!
  • Making internal communications human


Ethan McCarty

Ethan McCarty

Founder & CEO