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Why and how HR leaders should lead through change

Why and how HR leaders should lead through change

About this Leadership insight

HR leaders are uniquely positioned to lead organizations through change as they are already in a trusted position to advise business leaders on all matters people and culture. As the stewards of the employee experience, they understand the pulse of the organization and how employees are engaging.

The function of an HR leader’s role places them at the nexus of key relationships with functions such as legal, technology and communications; positioning them to know what lies ahead. Rather than reacting to change events as they unfold, an HR leader has knowledge of what’s to come, and the time to thoughtfully plan how to communicate key changes to drive the maximum levels of understanding and commitment from the organization.

This free guide will demonstrate how HR can be a successful change leader in 2 key ways:

  1. Organize effective change communications
  2. Guide effective change communications

The guide also includes templates to support you in your change management efforts. Download it today!


Precillia Redmond

Precillia Redmond

Founder & Principal, Maeve Consulting, LLC