Why poor line manager communication is costing you


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  • Ethan McCarty
    Ethan McCarty

    CEO, Integral Communications Group

Learn how to unmask your line managers’ leadership superpower. Pushing across information to employees no longer satisfies today’s workforce; employees want context and understanding before they’ll align and engage to the organization’s business goals – and power the success of your organization. That’s where line managers can add huge value – it’s not an exaggeration to say line managers have the greatest impact on employee experience. In this webinar Ethan McCarty will share how to equip line managers to become good communicators.


  • How to sell the value of great manager communications as a strong leadership skill to your stakeholders
  • Steps for training line managers in internal communications and helping them impact team engagement
  • How to transform internal meetings; find out which ones encourage the most engagement
  • The touch points communicators should monitor to enhance line manager comms performance
  • What to monitor and measure to gauge communication effectiveness
  • Case studies, tips and takeaways