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Communicate with clarity during a crisis

Fast and effective employee communication matters more than ever in a crisis. When the unexpected happens, you need to clearly communicate top-down messages. And you need to engage your employees and share important updates in real-time, when they need it most.

Build trust with employees in times of crisis

Deliver critical communications from a trusted, single source of truth. Instantly push time-sensitive messages for immediate attention, prominently feature posts for maximum awareness and track performance in real-time.

We more than doubled our communications. There is no way we could have done that without Poppulo. During this time it was especially important for staff to hear from leaders and see them on videos. Our global president uses part of his biweekly video series called Window to Our World to share stories from field and funding offices.”
Global Internal Engagement Communications Manager, World Vision

Reach the right people and measure in real-time

Broadcast to everyone or precisely target to impacted employees based on location, role, department, etc. and reach them on their preferred channels. Gain actionable insights into the reach and engagement of your crisis communications


Establish a governance framework

Implement a communications operating model and governance framework that ensures accurate, consistent and timely communication supported by enterprise-grade review and approval workflows.


Be crisis-ready with branded communications

Be prepared and save valuable time with predefined templates for greater communications speed and efficiency and help employees understand the situation with clear, concise and branded communications.